Model 1300

Model 1300 Inline Crankshaft Gage

The Model 1300 is a high speed production gage for in-process inspection of crankshafts at speeds of up to 60 parts per hour for diameter, roundness and other radius measurements with submicron accuracy.


This high speed system is intended to operate in a fully automated production line including gantry or robot loaded/unloaded, communications, inspection, Go/No Go determination, data transfer and grinder feedback.


Individual follower modules contact each crankshaft feature of interest. Once the part is placed in the gage, the automatic tailstock engages the part, the headstock rotates the part and all the follower modules extend simultaneously. In a matter of seconds, the entire part is measured and computed. Data is transferred electronically to a data collection point (SPC) for analysis and archiving. Any crankshaft that exceeds the assigned part print tolerance is typically removed from the line for further review, along with a printed report.

Features at a Glance

  • Available in lengths for 20-180″ (500-4575 mm) parts
  • Precision flat granite surface plate extending the entire length
  • Laser interferometer for radial and length measurements
  • Precision heavy-duty spindle bearing
  • Easy-to-use software with Windows interface
  • Fully programmable follower, carriage and headstock speeds
  • Output options include on-screen results, printed or exported to SPC
  • Fast adjustments of tailstock to accommodate different length parts
  • Submicron accuracy and repeatability
  • High resolution glass scale angle encoder for accurate index measurements of rod journals and cam lobes

Available Options

  • Programmable parts elevator for accurate load/unload of parts into gage
  • Clean and calibration bars are loaded/unloaded by the robot or gantry
  • Part identification
  • LVDT nest for measuring spacing, flatness and runout of thrustfaces
  • Chatter Analysis Software for monitoring grinders and machining

Crankshaft Measurement Parameters

  • Main and pin journal diameter, measured at three locations per journal (over oil holes where required). Accommodates journals of different diameters within the same part.
  • Main and pin journal circularity (roundness) with LSC, MZC, (MRS), MIC and MCC circle evaluation methods according to ISO 6318
  • Lobing evaluation over 360 degrees with selectable sliding window
  • Main and pin journal cylindricity
  • Main and pin journal straightness (linear profile) and barreling
  • Main and pin journal taper
  • Main and pin journal parallelism
  • Main and pin journal center deviation
  • Main journal thrustface radial and face runout
  • Main journal concentricity/eccentricity and part bow correction to end journals
  • Pin journal angular position (index error)
  • Pin journal throw and true position
  • Linear error plots or polar plots to CRT or printer with reference circle
  • Calibration verification and temperature compensation