Camshaft & Valve Train Gages

Camshaft & Valve Train Measuring Machines

With increased demand for efficiency and higher performance in the next generation of engines, the level of precision in crankshafts, camshafts and pistons is of critical importance. Adcole gages are up to the challenge.


Adcole offers three rugged, versatile systems that provide the highest accuracy measurements, whether on the shop floor or in a separate gaging environment.

Cylindrical Coordinate Measurement Machine – the recognized standard for measuring camshafts and other cylindrical components.

Surface Finish Measuring Gage – optical (non-contact) and contact (diamond tipped probe) surface finish measurements with one gage.

Model 1302 Sliding Camshaft Gage

Dual-Head Sliding Camshaft Gage – High-speed, high precision sliding cam and css camshaft measuring machine

Automatic Surface Texture Gage

Automatic Surface Finish Measuring Machine – state of the art in cylindrical surface roughness measurement.

Model 1310S

High-Speed, In-Line Camshaft Inspection Gage – Straightness, size, lobe profile, chatter and more in one, ultra-fast, economically priced camshaft measuring machine.

Adcole Model 1304 Camshaft gauge

Multi-headed Camshaft Measuring Machine – offers a horizontal load option in single head configuration, with available two and four head versions, for increased throughput

Inline Camshaft Gage – high speed inline camshaft measurement (up to 200 parts per hour).