3D Inspection Software

3D Color Mapping – Camshafts and Crankshafts

The new 3D Color Mapping software is a powerful inspection tool that enables users to quickly and easily identify potential defects and tolerance issues. The software works by taking the measured data of a camshaft or crankshaft and converting it into a detailed graphical representation defined by a color gradient proportional to the amount of dimensional error. The slightest dimensional inaccuracy is immediately identifiable to quality inspectors.


The entire part or specific elements, such as journals and lobes, can be rotated and magnified within the software and users can generate easy-to-read error data reports as well. Chatter can also be rendered in 3D Color Map when combined with Adcole’s standard Chatter Analysis program.



3D Color Map Software – View, Plot, Analyze Error Data

  • Reveal tolerance, defect, and non-conformity issues that go undetected in standard audit measurements
  • Cut inspection time and improve QA performance with visualization of part error data
  • Explain production issues with easily understood graphic part depictions
  • View error data relative to nominal lift to diagnose issues with a part or design
  • Display any combination of error data plotting: Roundness, Radial, and Eccentricity
  • Examine data points at every 1/10th of a degree for detailed analysis
  • Analyze error data for the entire part or for key part elements
  • Create easy-to-read error data reports directly from the utility
  • Part rotation and manipulation across every axis
  • 3D Software available for new Adcole gages and older (upgrade eligible) gages

  • Roundness Error
  • Radial Error
  • Size Error
  • Profile Error
  • Eccentricity Error based on:
    – Gage Axis
    – End Mains
    – Adjacent Mains
    – Specified Mains

  • Chatter Analysis customized based
    on UPR range
  • Part Properties dialog shows
    calculated values
  • Part or element(s) image appears
    on report
  • Part Summary
  • Dimensions of Part Elements
  • Calculated Values for Elements