1000 Z

1000 Z Optical Tactile Surface Finish Measuring Machine

The Adcole Model 1000-Z for Surface Profile Metrology features both optical and tactile measuring heads to deliver high precision surface measurements of camshafts, crankshafts and machined parts. The non-contact interferometric probe complements measurements from the diamond tipped contact probe and greatly expands the measurement capabilities of the standard Adcole 1000  gage, as the optical accessory can precisely measure surface finish of cam track groove sidewalls and cam track bottom grooves, as well as fillet radii and rolled radii.

optical-metrology-1000-z   Quality inspection of Camshafts and Crankshafts with new optical interferometric probe.


Surface Profile of CamTrack Groove Sidewalls and CamTrack Groove Bottom measured with the

Adcole 1000-Z.


Tactile and optical surface measurements with one gage

Features at a Glance

  • White-light interferometer measuring head for optical surface finish measurements
  • Proven Reliability of Adcole 1000 diamond tipped contact surface finish profiler
  • Fully automated optical and tactile surface finish inspection
  • Intuitive graphical software for slicing and comprehensive surface profile analysis
  • Inspect more parts per shift with fast cycle time
  • Rugged design for shop floor or audit room (gage sits on isolator mounts to eliminate objectionable vibration)


  • cam track groove sidewall
  • cam track groove bottom
  • bearing surface
  • lobe surface
  • cam groove surface finish


  • rod journals
  • thrustface
  • main bearing journals
  • pin journal sidewall
  • post and flange diameters
Measured Parameters
Contact: Ra, Rp, Tp, Rsk, Htp-1/2/3/4/5/6, Rt, Rpm, Rz (DIN), Rp/Rt, Rk, Rpk, Rvk, MR1, MR2, R3z.

Optical surface measurements: Ra, Rsk, Rpm, R2, R32, Rmax.

Evaluation Standards
Surface finish parameters are measured and evaluated in accordance with definitions established by the International Standards, ISO 4287 – 1997 and ASME B46.1-2009. Other standards that are accepted in specified countries will be reviewed and commented on individually.