Industrial Metrology

Setting World Standards

Adcole Industrial Metrology Systems have set the world standard for accuracy, reliability, and durability since 1968. Today, leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers around the world use Adcole gages for the high-precision measurement of camshafts, crankshafts and pistons to meet the most demanding requirements of the latest generation of high-performance engines.


Using Adcole gages, our customers gain a rapid return on investment because our gages enable them to quickly identify and solve manufacturing problems, improving  production output, reducing scrap costs, and saving engineering troubleshooting time. Adcole gages are also well known for their durability, providing shop floor ruggedness while delivering accuracy and the highest performance for close tolerance measurements.


Each gage is equipped with a precise, versatile, and robust measurement software package. The Windows-based software provides straightforward menu-driven work screens. Utility programs make it easy for the operator to set up a new part for measurement or to modify an existing one. Part-specific dimensions and tolerances, including profile information, are entered into the gage for indisputable output reporting. The software reports nominal values for requested features and also shows any error or deviation as it relates to the intended design.

Adcole gages are backed by a team of knowledgeable field support engineers. Our support experts are located in Service centers throughout the world, ready to deliver fast, technical response to your needs.