Adcole Corporation

Helping Space Navigation

Adcole Corporation was founded in 1957 by Addison D. Cole as an engineering consulting company. Addison worked on advanced radar technology during World War II and saw commercial opportunities presented by the space race after the war. His first invention was a high precision sun angle sensor that helped rockets and satellites maintain their orientation in space. It was this invention that led to the founding of Adcole Corporation. Today, Adcole Sun Sensors are the standard for the world’s leading space agencies and companies and have flown on hundreds of missions including every GPS satellite launched.

Leveraging the Automotive Boom

Addison next recognized the need for accurate inspection equipment in the growing automotive market. He developed innovative, high accuracy gages for measuring camshafts and crankshafts during engine manufacturing to ensure that they were within the allowable tolerances for size and shape. The submicron level of tolerance required in engine manufacturing created the need for high accuracy gages. Because these computerized gages were often used right on the manufacturing floor, they had to be extremely rugged and durable as well. In 1968, Adcole addressed these demands and introduced its first high accuracy, high speed camshaft measuring system. Adcole gages are now used in more than 550 automobile and supplier plants in more than 30 countries for quality control checks on camshafts, crankshafts, and pistons and set the global standard for precision, accuracy, and reliability.

Custom Solutions

In 1983, Adcole built a custom-designed facility for manufacturing, assembly, and testing of its gages and other equipment in Marlborough, MA. Within 5 years, the company expanded the building and built a second plant in Pompano Beach Florida, which produced high-precision spindles and other components used in the gages. The company later added offices in Europe, Tokyo and Shanghai.

Unwavering Customer Support

Backed by a demonstrated commitment to engineering and research and development, the Adcole name has become synonymous with product innovation, precision, and reliability. Adcole products set the standards for measurement accuracy. Adcole has also demonstrated an unyielding commitment to customer success and is proud to have earned a reputation for superior customer service.