About Adcole Corporation

Adcole Corporation is an engineering-driven, product innovation company dedicated to the design and manufacture of aerospace and industrial metrology products with the most trusted accuracy. Adcole’s products are the world standard for precision, accuracy, and reliability.

A Reputation for Innovation, Quality, and Customer Service

Since its founding in 1957, Adcole has earned a reputation for innovation, product quality, and customer service. International space agencies, telecommunications companies, and the world’s largest automotive manufacturers rely on Adcole products for mission-critical applications. Having sun sensors flying on every GPS satellite ever launched and being the gage of choice for the most advanced engine manufacturers in the world, Adcole products are the world standard in their respective markets.

Precision Measuring Machines

Adcole’s precision measuring gages are used worldwide by hundreds of automobile engine manufacturers and suppliers for quality control of camshafts, crankshafts, and pistons during manufacturing.  Adcole’s gages enable manufacturers to achieve the submicron tolerances required to meet the growing demand for higher performing, more efficient engines.

Custom Manufacturing

Adcole is based in Marlborough, MA, where it operates a 43,000 sq. ft. specialized engineering, research, administrative, and manufacturing facility. Adcole also has engineering and manufacturing facilities in Germany, China, and Japan. Adcole’s highly skilled field service engineers are strategically located around the world to deliver knowledgeable and fast response and are backed by a strong engineering and R&D team in the company’s headquarters to address the most difficult challenges.