A Company of Engineers

Our team of engineers and experienced technical experts thrive on complex challenges. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality aerospace and industrial metrology products for the most difficult applications without compromise – every time.

Proven Performance

Whether helping guide spacecraft with sun sensors or providing gages used to manufacture the highest performing machines on the ground, Adcole’s products deliver the most trusted accuracy.

Superior Service

We have an unyielding commitment to provide our customers with knowledgeable support virtually anywhere in the world. Customer success remains our number one priority.

Adcole Maryland Aerospace

The Adcole Aerospace Division has merged with Maryland Aerospace, Inc. The new company Adcole Maryland Aerospace specializes in end-to-end small satellite missions, CubeSats, and Attitude Determination and Control Systems.

Adcole Corporation is an engineering-driven, product innovation company dedicated to the design and manufacture of aerospace and industrial metrology products with the most trusted accuracy.

Adcole’s products are the world standard for precision, accuracy, and reliability.